My name Morgan Neal and I am a professionally trained chef  based in Memphis, TN. I graduated from the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham with my Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management. I have worked primarily in catering in both Memphis, TN and Durham, NC, as well as a head chef and back of house manager for a small restaurant. I am currently teaching Home Economics at a local high school as well as working as a Hospitality Adjunct Instructor for ASU. 

Not only am I a chef and teacher but a wife, mom, fashion junkie, lipstick hoarder, and obsessed with all things monogram. Pretty much a the perfect combination of Reese Witherspoon meets Martha Stewart, but without the whole jail thing. My love for food goes much further than just cooking it, I really enjoy eating it too! Here you will find chic, simple and classic recipes as well as an easy guide to entertain party guests. Enjoy!

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