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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

In Five Years..

I read something today, that really made me think. The question comes about often in life and in education, where will you be at in five years? I am, honestly, not sure why this question seemed to intrigue me so much today, as it never really has before. Sure, I have goals, dreams, desires. But really, where will I be in five years..?

The fact of the matter is.. I am a completely different person to who I was five years ago.. This person that I am now, writing this, didn't exist at all.

Experiences change you.

People change you.

Bitterness changes you.

Love, happiness, grief, desire, restlessness, hope.


They all change you.

This person of five years ago, didn't exist at all. Will the same thing happen in the next five years..
I sure hope so.

Staying stagnant, isn't something I plan to accomplish. I want to live. I want to be free. I want to experience all of the things. Planned. Or spontaneous.

When people say, "You've changed.." I want to say, "You're damn right!.. I have!"
I want to take MY world by storm. Caution, what's that?

Change isn't something to fear. It is something to embrace.

So, where will I be in five years? I can't wait to find out..

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