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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Four Ways to Pray During Times of Uncertainty

Times of uncertainty are definitely upon us, as we navigate the times of wildfires, locusts, and pandemic viruses. Now is the time we should lean into Jesus.

I have been wide awake during the middle of the night on multiple occasions over the last few weeks. I recently read in my Lenten Devotional a passage that has really stuck with me:

"In various eras throughout history, humankind has become so impressed with our own accomplishments that we have brought into the lies that chaos can be eliminated through human diligence and perseverance. Disease can be eradicated, wars rendered obsolete, and poverty eliminated."

This isn't true! We can't do any of those things without our King. Jesus will show and guide our way, but we must believe in him. Evil is creeping in and when chaos and fears rear their ugly heads, we must lean into Jesus!

I woke up again this morning with unparalleled anxiety. I was shaking. I began reverently praying and then crying. I spoke with a dear friend and told her that Jesus is trying to tell us something. He is! We must listen!

I proceeded on my morning routine, shaken. I read my devotional and then began to think about the words. Maybe what Jesus is trying to tell us is that we are so proud of ourselves; the cynicism, the routine, the monotony of our society that we turn a blind eye and neglect our faith. He is now making us examine our own hearts before Him as we bear witness to our sins and our mistakes.

Jesus is trying to make us stop, be still, relish in Him. Be with the people that matter. Lean into our faith and stop the evil around us. What are you doing to be more like Him, to confide in Him, to get you closer to those pearly gates?

When I can't do anything else, I stop and pray.

Four Ways to Pray During Times of Uncertainty:
1)Reflect on Scripture. Use a prayer straight from the Bible.

2) Pray with others.
This maybe harder than usual, but we can FaceTime, Zoom, or just pray with those around us.

3)Ask others to pray for you.
This one is so hard. Asking someone to pray for you, being so vulnerable can sometimes be the moment you are closest to God.

4)Thanking God for his grace and refuge through every high and low.
Pray with your paper in front of you and talk through each thing you've written down.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Seattle Travel Guide

Pike Place Market 


Restaurants Inside Pike Place
-Piroshky Piroshky 
-Market Grill 
-The First Starbucks
-Beecher's Handmade Cheese Cafe (try the "World's Best Mac & Cheese)

Gum Wall under Pike Place Market 
{a  S E A T T L E  must}

Starbucks Reserve 

I came here with a colleague one night for Happy Hour. Would definitely recommend ordering multiple small plates and sharing so you can taste multiple dishes. The atmosphere was fun. Coffee shop vibes with wine, live plants and chic decor. The servers were perfect, delicious food and dessert! Try this one out! 

Taking a trip up to the top of the Space Needle is iconic and touristy but I feel like you have to do it at least once! It's a little pricey but the history behind this landmark is especially cool. If you don't do it for the history lesson do it for the homemade BBQ chips and a glass of rose! The views are okay too!

I met some sweet friends inside the Space Needle one afternoon while wandering the city by myself. 
We ended up going down to Cloudburst Brewery for some beers and more exploring around the city. 
I had the Two Scoops & it was absolutely delicious! 

Seattle is a beautiful city full of recycling, edgy vibes. I would love to explore more especially during the summertime and without the chaos of a pandemic virus. Restaurants and schools were {already} closed and the tourist and local populations were almost nonexistent. Much like what has finally reached the rest of the country now. 

Restaurants I would have loved to try:

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